Barry's fundraising

Barry is running the London Marathon 2019 for Bowel Cancer UK to help save lives

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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 2015, which left me needing surgery and treatment.
As you can  imagine this rocked mine and my family's world! But I was determined I was going to beat it!!!
I set myself some personal goals. One of which was to run the London Marathon for Bowel Cancer Uk.
This goal seemed impossible when I left hospital as I couldn’t even climb the stairs at home.
This year I was lucky enough to have been given a place.!
So my next goal is give something back for the expert treatment, support and care which is still on going.
I would love to raise as much money as possible, to enable people to get early diagnosis and help save precious lives.
With your donation, whatever you can spare, even the cost of a toilet roll, because believe me you need a lot of that!!
It’s a cliche but every penny counts to enable research and treatment to be improved.Your donation is very much appreciated by me and everybody that has been affected by this cancer. 

Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal.